Featured Supported Legacy Phones


Polycom SoundPoint IP 335

This VoIP phone is perfect for high-volume call centers and standard usage alike. The Polycom Soundpoint IP 335 allows you to move around the office as you conduct business, leading to increase productivity.read more


Polycom SoundPoint IP 550

Office managers and customer service personnel will love the increased functionality and diverse options available on the Polycom SoundPoint IP 550. read more


Polycom SoundPoint IP 560

Enhanced with an integrated Gigabit Ethernet chip, this VoIP phone provides amazing connectivity and control to users like managers, support staff, power workers, and more. read more


Polycom Sound Point IP 670

Optimized for multiple call volumes and enhanced with both a color display and Gigabit Ethernet connection, this VoIP phone is the top choice for those in senior and executive positions. read more


Cisco 7941

The eco-friendly Cisco Unified IP Phone 7941 features an easy-to-read monochrome LCD screen and is optimal for moderate voice and video communication. read more


Cisco 7961

Featuring softkeys and programmable line and feature buttons, the Cisco Unified IP Phone 7961G expands user options to provide for increased functionality. Perfect for heavy phone use. read more